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Bespoke Kitchen Door Replacement

Replacement Kitchen Doors From 4 Kitchens & Bedrooms

4-Kitchens specialise in kitchen doors and replacement kitchen doors to customise your kitchen cabinets. Our wide range of kitchen doors come in many brands, finishes and sizes to make customising your kitchen with us easy and simple. We have so many styles to choose from in both our Fusion and Goscote range, so you can be sure that we can make your ideas a reality.

Our team are also happy to help with free quotes, expert advice, bespoke designs and high quality work. Our previous clients say they would recommend our services to a friend.

Kitchen Doors

Kitchen Door Replacement Mistakes You Can Avoid

4 Kitchens have been in the business long enough to know that there are a few things you need to consider when going through a kitchen door replacement. Many homeowners make some common mistakes that may end up taking more time to complete the project or spending more money to complete it, both of which are unnecessary especially when you are on a budget.

At 4-Kitchens, we work with you and will provide free no obligation quotes. Our staff can come to your home and take care of the measurements and requirements needed for your own kitchen.

The following are some mistakes that you should avoid when planning for replacement kitchen doors London:

Kitchen Doors

Ordering all the replacement kitchen doors you need

Forgetting to order the right pieces or the correct number of doors is a common mistake that people make when they go through the kitchen cabinet replacement process. This is often because of lack of planning sometimes caused by not having an idea of a design or not checking that every door needed is included in the purchase.

We can help with the design and planning process and avoid the problem of getting the wrong sizes or ordering the wrong doors for your design plan.

Another simply avoidable mistake is having the wrong measurements. This can be caused by only measuring the dimensions of the cabinets once. Sometimes, people assume that because two drawers look the same size, they must need the same size door. However, especially if you will be replacing kitchen cabinets from scratch, you will need to double check all the required measurements for each door you need.Then you need to make sure that those measurements are the same on your plan.

It is also more cost effective to make sure all your measurements are correct to avoid additional costs.

You should also consider measuring the door hinge hole positions to make sure they are consistent on each single door that you are intending to put on your cabinets.
Our team provide free quotes and will go to your home and take the correct measurements to make the ordering process easier.

If you are planning to replace a single door or a few doors, you may want to consider replacing any old hinges, drawers and handles in the same project. This way, it will feel like a brand new set of kitchen cabinets when in fact you only have new hardware. This is a less costly way of adding a new edition to your kitchen and your home. It is a good idea to think about replacing your hinges as well as your drawer boxes if they are getting old and don’t work as smoothly as they used to. Doing this while you are replacing your doors rather than later will save you a great deal on the lifespan of your doors and kitchen cabinets lifespan. Having old hinges and drawers will prevent your doors from working as well as they look. Our aim is to give you the highest quality products and make sure that the results last for many years to come. Our high quality work will ensure that your replacement kitchen doors are installed correctly. Replacing your old hinges also won’t add a huge cost to your kitchen replacement doors project, but will ass longevity and complement your new doors. As well as replacing hinges and drawer slides, you it is worth thinking about replacing the handles too. This will give the finishing touch to your cabinets and you can choose handles that match the rest of your home. It will make your new replacement kitchen doors look better and add more value to the finished job.
Despite damage in transit being rare, there are some cases where pieces are missing or have been damaged during the delivery process. We suggest that you check your order on the day it has been delivered or as soon as possible before the installation. This will help you to avoid trying to make last minute returns and setting back the completion date of your kitchen door installation. If you have placed an order for a style with a High Gloss finish, they will always be sent with a clear protective plastic film to prevent the surface of the door from being damaged by sharp or dusty objects. Make sure you remove the film when checking that your order is correct because the film may distort the appearance of your door when you first look at it.The exact colour and finish will be visible once you remove the protective film. You should replace the protective film to protect the surface of the door during the installation process too. Our doors come packaged in protective films and covers to prevent banging and scraping together during the delivery. This way you can be sure that you will receive the perfect doors for your kitchen cabinets. In the unlikely event you find anything damaged, please email us within two days, attaching a digital picture of the affected item.
Our doors are made of high quality materials and are made to suit many different styles and time periods. We also have different finishes which are available in many colours and styles. Depending on the look you are going for, we can find a door that suits both you and your home. You will be happy with the transformation of not just your kitchen but your home.

Choosing Your Kitchen Cabinets in London

Making sure you kitchen is both practical and attractive is going to give your home a warmer feel, and because cooking and dining happen in the kitchen, the material and style of your kitchen cabinet doors should make the room look welcoming and open.

Our kitchen cabinet doors can make your kitchen look neater. Spruce up your kitchen with a new set of kitchen cupboard doors and make the most out of your space with our range of different materials, finishes, styles and sizes. The kitchen is known as the heart of any home and it is important that you get the finishing touches just right.

We provide bespoke kitchen cupboard doors to make storage and organisation in your kitchen easier. Our team can go to your home and measure the cabinets and give you a free no obligation quote to make your experience with replacing your kitchen doors easier.

Elegant And Practical Looks For Your Kitchen Cabinets

Picking the right doors to put on your kitchen cabinets London for your kitchen is a big part in the design and transformation of the space. It doesn’t matter if you are designing it from scratch or replacing just the doors and working on what’s already there, there is an option for everyone no matter how big your space is.

Not only do we have a wide range of styles, we also stock different options that cater to different budgets, whilst not compromising the quality, to give you the chance to make your dream kitchen come to life.

Types of kitchen cabinet doors

If you are planning to replace your entire pantry and start from scratch, before deciding on a finish, you should think about the type of doors you want. There are two types of cabinet doors, both serve the same purpose but each give a different look to the layout of your cabinets.

Lay on doors – These doors cover the whole front of the kitchen cabinets and leave only a small gap in between each unit. It is a popular choice for homeowners looking for a modern ad sleek look for their kitchen.

Framed doors – These doors sit in a narrow frame that goes around the perimeter of the unit, which is fixed to the cabinet and does not hinge with the door. It gives the appearance of a boarder around each unit, which makes it easier to tell where they separate. Framed doors add character to the overall look of your kitchen and are great for solid wood designs.

Maximising the space in your kitchen using our doors for kitchen cabinets

Kitchens can be a busy area, and misplacing objects can be an issue. A good way to avoid this is by having kitchen cabinets that maximise the wall space in your kitchen. This way, everything can have its own place and storing plates, bowls, cups and cutlery as well as small appliances, pots and pans can be easy.

Keeping the area neat and tidy can seem like a difficult thing to do, especially when you don’t have the sufficient space to store and hang all your pots and pans. Luckily, our kitchen cupboard doors can give you the storage you need to make your kitchen look and feel more spacious and better organised. Helping to make the time you spend in the kitchen less chaotic and more pleasurable.

By adding extra cabinets to your current kitchen or extending the design doesn’t seem like a practical solution to the problem of having a smaller kitchen, however, thanks to our wide range of sizes and styles, we can provide kitchen storage solutions to small kitchens. This can make a big difference and free up more space than you think, allowing you to enjoy being in your kitchen that much more.

Another way you can maximise space in your kitchen is by making sense of cabinet space. Individual units can have custom shelves and segments fitted in to make storing cups, plates and bowls easier. It is also an option to get multiple dividers in layers for each cabinet to make it easier to store tins, spices and other ingredients that are sold or can be put in small containers.

There are also options to incorporate racks and hooks to hang pans, wooden spoons, mugs and other utensils to your kitchen cabinet doors

For drawers, there are dividers that cam make it easier to organise cutlery and utensils.

Our doors will give your kitchen a finishing touch that will transform and improve the entire room. Not only do we put a lot of attention into the details, we make sure that you are happy with everything and listen to your wants and requirements. We can help you achieve your dream kitchen.

Materials and finishes

You should match the new set of kitchen doors to the rest of your home. It will add consistency and elegance to your home. Think about the colour scheme and if the material you chose has the finish you want. With so many options on our website you are bound to find the perfect kitchen doors for your home.

Certain materials have different features that include durability and sturdiness that affect the lifespan of your kitchen cabinets. Make sure that you consider the features and benefits of several material options that fit your style without focusing solely on the appearance of the material. Since replacing kitchen cabinets is an investment, you should choose a material and style that will fit your home from the start.

Our Kitchen Cupboard Doors Have Many Benefits

We have a wide range of kitchen doors in our Fusion and Goscote ranges that come in different styles, finishes and sizes. You are guaranteed to find a material or colour that you are looking for.

Our products are also bespoke and great quality, we deliver the pieces in protective packaging to prevent any possible damages that may occur during the delivery process, although these situations are rare. Choosing our doors will leave you feeling satisfied and your kitchen looking neat and organised.