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Bespoke Wardrobe Door Replacement

Made to Measure Wardrobe Doors and Door Replacement

There are many different options for bedroom wardrobe doors London residents can choose from as 4 Kitchens replacement bedroom doors come in a wide assortment of styles and materials.

When you are searching for the right doors for your bedrooms, it is always good to consider all of the following:

  • The appearance
  • The functionality
  • The material
  • The size

Wardrobe Door Replacement

Our high quality services and products make sure that you get the best results for your bedroom wardrobe. We are happy to provide a free no obligation quote where all measurements and requirements will be taken care of by our member of staff. Choosing our custom wardrobe doors will make your transformation journey better and more cost effective.

Wardrobes, especially fitted wardrobe doors, are a great opportunity to add a more decorative or flashy touch to your home.

For bigger bedrooms, homeowners should also consider getting a custom wardrobe to create more storage options than your regular wardrobe. We provide fitted bedroom doors that can stretch from one corner of your room the other. Having a custom wardrobe will be a good way to make the most out of your space and make your life easier knowing where everything is.

Many fitted wardrobes have different sized compartments, which is why our styles come in a variety of size to fit all wardrobe types.

Choosing replacement wardrobe doors for a bedroom starts with a bit of planning and ends with the final selection and installation. The process may take a while, but the end result is a room that looks contemporary and makes efficient use of space. Ultimately, the sliding doors add to the design and functionality of your wardrobe.

Our wooden bedroom doors feel solid and sturdy closer as their interior is filled with solid wood. They provide far better sound insulation and durability than many other materials for a still relatively low cost. They are a classic favourite because of its durability and traditional appeal. There are many homeowners feel that our solid wood door’s durability makes this door a worthwhile investment.

You also have options in different styles and finishes ideal for budget-conscious homeowners.

We have a wide range of wardrobe doors in numerous styles and sizes for you to choose from. We can provide you with a custom wardrobe in a few different types including sliding wardrobe doors.

Fitted Wardrobe Doors

You can use our bedroom doors to create practical custom wardrobe space in the bedroom and customise the space with storage solutions such as drawer packs and hanging rails. You can fit our doors with sliding door gear or select from our range of sliding wardrobe doors London. Our custom wardrobe doors London can also be practical for smaller bedrooms.

Replacement Wardrobe Doors

Using our existing range of bedroom doors in different styles and materials, you can create convenient storage solutions for a variety of different uses around the home, including wardrobes.

Many of our doors come in different finishes to suit your individual taste and also fitted to match your current wardrobe.

Choosing Your Doors

When it comes to choosing new doors for your bedroom, you might want to consider the possibilities of a few different designs. Depending on the space in your bedroom, you could have floor to ceiling wardrobes installed to give you a solution to the organisation and storage of clothes and shoes as well as bags and cupboards for smaller clothing items.

Each space is different and adding a new set of wardrobe doors can transform it completely. To maximise the potential of your space, you should consider the following when choosing wardrobe doors.

Match the style of your house

Unless you want the bedroom to be completely different to the rest of your home’s interior, it’s a good idea to keep the options similar to the colour and style of your house. Keeping the material and finish of your wardrobe doors consistent with the other interior doors in your house will keep your home feeling well put together and organised.

Choose A Durable Material For Your Wardrobe Doors

Some materials will last longer than others due to the amount of wear and tear it can take and some are more lightweight, which don’t make the door as durable but are perfect for certain types of storage like sliding doors.

The function of the wardrobe may change the options of materials as some materials are better suited to different designs, but whatever you decide, we have a range of bedroom doors that accommodates the style you have in mind.

Those who are having wardrobes fitted for a children’s bedroom may want to consider having a durable but lightweight material to make it sturdy to withstand any knocks and light enough to make it easy for the child to open and close.

Make use of space

There are solutions that can maximise the space of smaller bedrooms by adding more doors and drawers to the wardrobe or making it taller, allowing you to store your belongings on one wall and use the rest of the space for other furniture. Custom fitted wardrobes are very sturdy and can be made to have shelves inside, hooks on the inside of the doors, rails for hangers, mirrors on the outside of the doors and individual drawers to make storage easier to organise.

Our bedroom doors

We are dedicated to helping you make your dream bedroom come to life. By choosing our services, we can do just that. Our bespoke wardrobe doors come in many styles, finishes and sizes to fit any colour scheme. You can add to the appearance of your home by adding custom fitted wardrobe doors from us.